Long Lost Home
songs by Joe Messanella
Songs by Joe Messanella   

Long Lost Home is the protest music created back in 2004  as a result of the  Bush Administration's  blatant misuse of 9/11 to plunge an unsuspecting nation into a war in Iraq that proved devastating to my nation and a rude awakening to it's people!  It was no easy task , it took a special talent to be able to drive a super power into a deep sandy ditch  , and although we must look forward  we must not forget how events unfolded! It took a while , but the American people finally arrived at the  conclusion that the Bush Presidency has not served the best interest of our nation

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"The 51st state" ( state of denial) sums up the "Bush" presidency. "a stooge willing to lie sending
yours off to die" is one of the sure to become famous lines in the song .

"The Truth" explores the true motivations for the Iraq War. Most have tired of this war of choice but there's no easy way out and after all you have to go with the war you have.
"Won't the Truth rear it's ugly head" ..It has , and it is ugly.


"Zipcode" deals with the disconnect of the "home front warriors" who have no desire to serve , or sacrifice for this "war of choice", and are content to allow a small percentage of Americans pay the price for our leader's folly.
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